Touring Turkey / Turkey Best:

Here is a sample itinerary, covering coastal & inland Turkey in 8 days:

Day 1 - Checking out from the hotel in Istanbul and start driving from the European side of Turkey towards Dardanelles. Visiting First World War sites of Dardanelles on route, if interested. As we arrive to Dardanelles, we are taking a ferry to cross from the European side to the Asian side of Turkey and spending the night in Dardanelles area.
Overnight in Dardanelles. (Istanbul to Dardanelles: 200 Miles)

Day 2 - As we check out from the hotel, first stop of the day is Troy (of Helen & Paris). Following the coastal route along Aegean Sea, we continue driving to Pergamon. Upon arrival, we have visits to Asklepeion (ancient hospital) and the Acropolis of Pergamon (Greek / 2400 years old). After a late afternoon drive, we expect to arrive to Ephesus area around 6pm.
Overnight in Ephesus area. (Dardanelles to Ephesus: 260 Miles)

Day 3 - After checking out from the hotel, we have the entire morning visiting Ephesus, Terrace Houses of Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary. In the afternoon, we have a 3 hours drive to Pamukkale. Upon arrival, we have time to have a look at Hierapolis (Roman, 2000 years old) and the natural wonder; the travertines of Pamukkale.
Overnight in Pamukkale. (Ephesus to Pamukkale: 130 Miles)

Day 4 - This is a long day driving... inland country... totally different than coastal Turkey.... with an early departure, we expect arriving to Konya around 3pm. This gives us enough time to visit the Museum of Whirling Derwishes in Konya. The city has this most attractive oriental market. Spending an hour in this market area is a true experience and we will surely create time for a walk in late afternoon / early evening.
Overnight in Konya. (Pamukkale to Konya: 300 Miles)

Day 5 - An easy morning drive to Cappadocia. A visit to one of the caravanserails (hotels of Silk Road caravan groups) on route. After a 3 hours drive, we expect to arrive to Cappadocia; "toyland of God of Nature" around noon time. Upon arrival, we start touring around the unique landscape of Cappadocia, giving many photo stops all afternoon long.
Overnight in Cappadocia. (Konya to Cappadocia: 150 Miles)

Day 6 - All day in Cappadocia, visiting different locations, including underground cities, open air museums, cave churches with some 1000 years old Christian frescos, different Cappadocian view points and many photo stops.
Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 7 - After checking out from the hotel, we have a morning drive to Ankara via Salt Lake. Arrival Ankara (the capitol & second biggest city of Turkey) in early afternoon and start our visits as Anatolian Civilizations Museum and the Mausoleum of Ataturk (the founder of modern Turkish Republic).
Overnight in Ankara. (Cappadocia to Ankara: 200 Miles)

Day 8 - Drive from the highway to be in Istanbul before 3pm, to give our guests enough time to repack, put things in order or maybe, last minute shoppings. End of our services.
Overnight in Istanbul. (Ankara to Istanbul: 300 Miles)

Day 9 - International flights back home. Have a nice flight and hope to see you back in Turkey soon.

A pre or post stay in Istanbul is of course a must... please note that first timers in Istanbul will at least need two full days with us... in this most attractive city.

Please get in touch for details.