Tours in Istanbul
and all around Turkey

Steps of life…

We are Lale and Kagan Kosagan.
Lale received her professional tour guiding license in 1989, a year before Kagan.

If not any but in all these years, we learned and later on practiced ‘one’ for clear:
” Seeing things from the eyes of our guests “.

Working for others long years, came a time when we both felt overqualified and started to run our own travel business, mostly on private basis.
In an unexpectedly short time, we were not able to accept all tour requests and this is when we evolved from a wife-husband team to a much larger team of tour guides; tour guides with highest service standards.
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Tours in Istanbul

Istanbul, Old City…

In a day only, we are covering Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Early Turks, Islamic understanding in our country and a bit of modern Turkey.

Istanbul Walks…

From Suleymaniye, strolling down to market areas of Golden Horn and Taksim district…

Istanbul Offers…

Having both ‘Istanbul, Old City‘ and ‘Istanbul Walks’ tours with us, we intend to give a very good understanding of our city. Yet, Istanbul offers a lot more…

Turkey Offers…

Other than Istanbul, two most visited highlights of Turkey are Ephesus and Cappadocia.
Some details are below:


A day tour from 8-9am to 4-5pm, covering
– Ephesus,
– Terrace Houses,
– House of Virgin Mary,
– Temple of Artemis…


Time availability is an issue but we always suggest at least two nights stay in Cappadocia since there are lots to see…

Touring Turkey

No set dates, locations, hotels, restaurants… we work with you from the first moment to the last to better shape your days.
Below are two basic itineraries to give you an idea:

Turkey Best…

Covering Turkey in 12 days…

Turkey Gifted…

For guests having limited time, covering top 3 highlights of Turkey as Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia…

Client testimonials

F.W. De Clerk

Istanbul with Lale

“Dear Mrs. Kosagan. My wife & I would like to thank you for the friendship extended to us during our recent visit to Istanbul.You have really succeeded in opening the heart of a great city and giving us new insights & perspectives into history of Istanbul & Turkey. I will surely recommend your services to friends who might decide to visit your great country..”

Frank & Daisy Jew;

Turkey wih Kagan

And if you intend to be our guide, our invitation certainly extends to your husband if he is interested.  Paige and I have never had our own business and we are curious as to how the two of you have managed to jointly operate your travel company without killing each other.  :>)

Nick Spencer

John & Josephine Bush;

Istanbul with Lale

Dear Lale, you have been absolutely marvelous. We thank you very much for your incredible knowledge and your patient & pleasant character. with Lale