Sample itineraries / Gobeklitepe and Northern Mesopotamia

Turkey is the birthplace of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, giving life to Mesopotamia; known as the motherland of earliest civilizations.
Recently, a breathtaking exploration of archeologists shocked the world when they started to excavate Gobeklitepe in Northern Mesopotamia; very close to a Turkish city: Urfa.
Studies show that what is found in this forgotten land is 7.000 years older than the oldest temple we ever know.
Today, Gobeklitepe pushes us to limits, we need to restudy everything we know about early civilizations.

In this short trip, we are concentrating on 3 locations:
– Nemrut ( to catch sun-set )
– Harran ( oldest known university )
– and Gobeklitepe.

Here is how it goes:

Day 1 :
Domestic flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman.
Afternoon visits in Kahta-Nemrut area to catch the sun-set at the peak of Nemrut.
Overnight in Kahta.

Day 2 :
Checking out.
After a 2.5 hours drive, we are in Gobeklitepe / visits.
In the afternoon, visiting Urfa-Gobeklitepe Museum.
Late afternoon visit to Harran.
Back to Urfa for an orientation tour of the city.
Overnight in Urfa.

Day 3 :Checking out.
Morning flight back to Istanbul

If there is time availability,
we continue to Mardin on Day 3, spend the night over.
The next day, after a morning drive, we arrive to Diyarbakir, spend the rest of the day in the city.
And on Day 5, we fly back to Istanbul, finishing our Northern Mesopotamia tour.

Please get in touch for further details.

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