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Having both ‘Istanbul, Old City‘ and ‘Istanbul Walks’ tours with us, we intend to give a very good understanding of our city.
Yet, Istanbul offers a lot more.

Check this out:
150 AD : 10th largest city in the World
300 AD : 5th largest
500 to 600 AD : the largest
600 to 1200 AD : stays in top 5 cities
1200 to 1500 AD : looses grounds as Byzantines weaken / Ottoman era begins
1500 AD : 10th largest city
1550 to 1600 AD : second largest
1600 to 1700 AD : the largest in the World
1700 to 1800 AD : stays in top 5
1800 to 1900 AD : stays in top 10
20th Century : drops from top ten – fall of Ottomans
Today, Istanbul is the largest city in Europe.

As you see, Istanbul is one of those cities leading others to be proper cities.
A city of such heritage, history and diversity naturally offers a lot.
A common question we get from our guests is – how many days do we need in Istanbul ?
And our reply is: a lifetime!
– cruising along the Bosphorus and visiting Asian side of Istanbul
– a Jewish heritage tour
– Byzantine Istanbul
or more specialized tours/hours such as
– comparison of mosques of Istanbul
– Ottoman heritage of Istanbul…
– private hours to better understand recent politics of Turkey ( our third most popular request from guests )
It is already six days in Istanbul and there is more.

On the other hand, Turkey as a country is a major competitor to its own largest city since whatever Istanbul cannot offer, the country does.
Lets say if you dedicate a 10 days visit, after a max 3 days in Istanbul, we will definitely try to pull your minds to explore other locations such as Cappadocia, Ephesus, etc. and the list is endless.

Please get in touch for further details.

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